ORC Biomass Heat Recovery

Application: Boiler Process Heat, Biomass Heat Recovery
Power Output: Up to 180 kWe (2 units)
Hot Water Inlet Temperature: 116°C
Hot Water Flow Rate: 22 l/s

ElectraTherm, an industry leader in low temperature Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) waste heat recovery, has successfully completed the installation of two Power+ Generator 6500’s on a biomass heat recovery application in Messina, Italy. The ORC system will utilize the residual heat from a large biomass boiler to generate electricity. At this site, woody biomass (hog fuel) fuels a boiler that heats water for process heat recovery using the Power+ Generator. The hot water enters the Power+ Generator at 116°C at 22 liters a second. When fully utilized at this site, each Power+ Generator 6500 is able to produce approximately 90 kWe.

“The market opportunity in Italy for biomass and waste heat recovery are complemented by renewable energy policies that accelerate return on investment. This application includes two ElectraTherm Power+ Generators and offers an attractive payback while also being easily repeatable. We see great opportunity in the clean energy space for ElectraTherm’s ORC technology.”
– Paolo Gaggero, Technical Director – TEC

As of May 2021, ElectraTherm’s heat to power system, the Power+ Generator, is available in two different models (each with different sizes specific for individual applications). The 4400B series generates up to 75 kWe while the 6500B series generates up to 125 kWe. Common applications can be found here. ElectraTherm’s net-zero cooling to power system, the Active Cooler, using the same ORC process to serve as a self-powered cooler that generates electricity as an added benefit. To date, ElectraTherm has over 100 operational units in 13 countries surpassing 2,000,000 operating hours.

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