Power+ Generator

Next Generation Heat Recovery Solution

Using an organic Rankine cycle along with proprietary technologies, the Power+ Generator converts sources of low temperature heat and waste heat – such as jacket water and exhaust gases – into electricity, with no additional fuel consumption or emissions. ElectraTherm’s heat to power systems are able utilize heat sources as low as 70°C and generate up to 125 kWe. Higher temperature heat sources greater than 150°C – such as thermal oils and exhaust gases – can be utilized with the deployment of an additional heat exchanger.


Thermal Input

Hot Water Temp

Hot Water Flow

Cold Water Temp

Cold Water Flow

Heat Rejected


380 – 1050 kWth

70 – 116°C

3 – 15 l/s

4 – 65°C

6 – 18 l/s

380 – 980 kWth


380 – 1450 kWth

70 – 150°C

3 – 15 l/s

4 – 65°C

6 – 18 l/s

380 – 1365 kWth

//  Weight: 3,290 kg
//  Dimensions: 2.4m x 2.0m x 2.3m (W*L*H)

Our heat recovery solutions are available as either standalone units or fully-packaged systems – depending on the existing infrastructure. Need help determining which ORC system is right for you? Fill out our Project Evaluation Form or Contact Us.

Our ORC Technology

With the integration of BITZER’s semi hermetic expander, ElectraTherm’s ORC solutions represent a dramatic shift from turbine technologies. The expander not only provides a more cost-efficient, robust design that greatly enhances reliability – but it also has much lower operating speeds enabling “wet” dual phase flow. This makes the expander more equipped for transient operation, allowing the system to reliably generate power from heat sources with fluctuations in both temperature and flow while allowing for a turbine’s worst fear – moisture. Additionally, the expanders have far greater turndown rations than turbines, able to operate everywhere from 5 kW up to 125 kW. These factors make ElectraTherm’s expander-based ORC systems more ideal for lower-temperature, variable heat sources when compared to turbine-based systems.


DOD Increases Fuel Efficiency By 10%

In collaboration with the U.S. Department of Defense, ElectraTherm commissioned a fully packaged Power+ Generator integrated with a 1.1 MW engine. The ORC system was able to increase fuel efficiency by 10% while completely offsetting the cooling load, serving as a radiator alternative.


24/7 Industrial Waste Heat

A Virginian pharmaceutical facility decided to take advantage of the waste heat from their 500 kW air compression system by installing a single Power+ Generator to utilize their existing resource. The unit experiences 24/7 operation and generates 45 kW gross, or 394 MWh annually.


Geothermal Power From Co-Produced Fluids

In collaboration with the Department of Energy and Jipangu International, ElectraTherm commissioned a containerized unit at a mine in Nevada to utilize the thermal energy from co-produced fluids to generate clean electricity. This application demonstrates the system's ability to reliably operate with little hand-on interaction through ElectraTherm's remote monitoring and operation controls. The heat source provides hot water at 110°C with a flow rate of 9.5 l/s to generate 65 kW gross.


Remote Power Generation in Alaska

Three Power+ Generators (4400 series) were installed at a power station in Dutch Harbor, Alaska with the goal of improving energy efficiency. The units provide 75 kW (net) to the site as well as reduce the cooling load enough to replace one of the existing radiators. The Alaska Energy Authority estimates $250,000 in annual energy savings. Additionally, by serving as a radiator alternative, electrical consumption is reduced by 8,000 kW monthly - saving 6,000 gallons of fuel annually.


Ten Power+ Generator Scalable System

ElectraTherm commissioned ten Power+ Generators (4400 series) on a district heating system powered by two Rolls Royce gas turbines in Levice, Slovakia. ElectraTherm utilizes the exhaust gas waste heat to provide 500 kWe of clean electricity which is sold back to the utility for profit.


Geothermal Heat Recovery in Japan

Utilizing geothermal steam from a district heating system in Beppu, Japan - ElectraTherm's Power+ Generator provides up to 60 kW. For Japan, this electrical output is extremely profitable - fetching up to $0.33 per kilowatt. This site provides hot water to the unit at 110ºC with a flow rate of 12 l/s.

Good For The Environment


By upcycling waste heat into usable power you generate 4.8 GW of clean electricity and offset the equivalent of 3,400 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually.

Your annual pollution offset is equal to taking 740 cars off the road, or reducing gasoline consumption by 385,000 gallons.

Your pollution offset is equivalent to the carbon sequestered by a 4,200 acre forest, or 160,000 mature trees.

The clean power generated is equivalent to the emission offset of 620 homes’ electricity use annually, or 140,000 cylinders of propane used for backyard barbeques.

Source: EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies
*Calculations based on (5) 6500B Power+ Generators generating 110 kW net each.

Good For Business

Simple. Reliable. Profitable. Sustainable.


The simple and flexible nature of our ORC solutions allows them to be adjusted to fit the needs of any application. A robust, modular, and scalable design allows the system to be easily integrated into existing processes while allowing for future adjustments. Able to successfully operate at partial loads with varying conditions also means that the system will produce electricity even when your processes are not at capacity.


Every ElectraTherm product goes through a rigorous testing process at our world-class R&D test cell to ensure absolute reliability. Our technicians and dedicated global partners offer full support for any issues you may encounter throughout the product lifecycle.


Our systems use existing heat as fuel, keeping operating costs minimal. ElectraTherm converts this heat into clean electricity, ready immediately. This increases energy efficiency – up to 10% – while substantially reducing energy consumption, primarily the cooling load. ElectraTherm’s ORC solutions may also qualify for local sustainability incentives as well as enabling micro-grid functionality in remote regions. With an impressive 20-year design life and a payback period of 3-5 years, the economics amount to an attractive return on investment.


Over 50% of energy used in power generation and industrial processes is lost as heat – making this heat an enormous source of renewable energy. Increasing energy efficiency by upcycling this waste heat into emission-free electricity is the single easiest way to mitigate emissions and achieve sustainability goals.


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