Active Cooler
The Ultimate Radiator Replacement

Achieve Net-Zero Cooling While Generating
Profitable Power.

All engines produce heat. All radiators consume power. Only the Active Cooler removes heat while generating power – with no additional emissions or fuel consumption.

Through the continued development of the Power+ Generator, our Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) heat to power solution, the Active Cooler was born.

The purpose behind this development was to provide a zero power cooling solution that also generates power as a secondary function when its cooling function is not fully utilized. The result is a highly efficient ORC cooling system that takes advantage of an existing resource allowing your company to benefit from a more circular economy and achieve sustainability goals.

All radiators need to be replaced eventually. By upgrading to the ElectraTherm Active Cooler you benefit from a radiator that pays for itself through a zero power cooling process as well as the ability to further utilize waste heat by generating electricity that can be sold back to utility or used right away. It really is a radiator with a payback.

Fulfill 100% of your system’s cooling needs while generating clean power

Historically, radiators are fully utilized during the summer and grossly underutilized during the winter, providing little to no benefit.

With the Active Cooler, maximum capital utilization can still be achieved with varying operating conditions such as ambient temperature differentials throughout the year. The Active Cooler eliminates power usage from the cooling process during the summer as well as generates extra power and income during times of underutilized capacity such as the winter.

Simple and Flexible

Standard water and power interface connections with multiple cooling circuits allow the Active Cooler to be easily integrated into your existing system. Available in 800 kWth (AC800) and 1800 kWth (AC1800) sizes, the Active Cooler is scalable to multiple megawatt heat loads.

Increase Efficiency

Using the same ORC process as our Power+ Generator, the Active Cooler increases efficiency by reducing the parasitic load and adding horsepower.

On a 1.6 MW CAT 3520C, the AC800 completely offsets the radiator’s electrical demand while producing additional power. This increase in net output leads to a 4% gain in operational efficiency.


The Active Cooler is a great fit for any business that implements commercial radiators to expel large amounts of excess heat. Most of the time you would be surprised by the amount of usable thermal available on site – landfills, waste water treatment plants, hospitals, biogas, plastics – all of these industries produce large amounts of heat and need cooling.

Quick Payback

By improving energy efficiency and decreasing electricity use the Active Cooler boasts a payback period of 3 – 5 years which only gets better if you are already looking to replace your radiator. Pair this with an impressive 20-year design life and the economics amount to an attractive return on investment.

Issues With Standard Cooling units:

Insufficient cooling during warmer months leads to reduced performance.

Faulty coolers can lead to costly engine repairs and maintenance.

Over time, radiators wear down and suffer from several losses of efficiency.

Benefits of the Active Cooler:

Achieve net-zero power cooling while generating emission-free power.

Reduces parasitic cooling load, increases efficiency.

Simple design allows for scalability and easy integration.

Reduces or eliminated engine derate at high ambient conditions up to 40°C.


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