Heat Sources

Applicable fluid heat sources are between 70°C and 150°C.
Gaseous heat sources above 150°C can also be used with the deployment of a secondary heat exchange loop.

Our low-temperature ORC solutions use hot water as fuel in order to generate up to 125 kWe of clean electricity, at no additional cost to the operator. That water can get to us any number of ways, as long as we have enough of it and at a high enough temperature. Power output is directly correlated to the flow rate and source temperature, however an application can get away with a lower flow rate if the water is a high enough temperature.

For detailed input parameters see the appropriate product spec sheet here.

Power Generation

Combustion engines are used globally for their reliable power generation capabilities. By adding an ORC system to your engine you can benefit from the production of clean electricity as well as usable thermal. The cooling ability of the engine can even allow the system to replace your radiator.


Methane Optimization

For industries dealing with natural gases - such as oil extraction, biogas production, wastewater treatment, or LFG production - integrating an ORC heat recovery system can provide a reliable baseload power supply that decreases operating costs, boosts engine efficiency, or even eliminate flaring.


Industrial Waste Heat

Industrial processes generate loads of heat, over half of this thermal energy is lost as waste heat and vented to the atmosphere or dumped into our bodies of water. With ElectraTherm this low-temperature heat from industrial processes can be used to generate additional, clean power - improving your bottom line and the environment.


Flare Elimination

The flaring of gases is common place where methane is present, with traditional systems meant ro reduce emissions are costly and carry with them large footprints. ElectraTherm's simple and reliable ORC systems can cost-effectively reduce emissions while generating clean electricity, with the potential to completely eliminate flaring.



With recent advancements in ORC technology, low-temperature sources of geothermal such as hot springs and co-produced fluids can now be used to generate profitable power - with no additional costs to the operator. Our ORC systems are perfect for generating electricity for profit or providing baseload power to projects that are either remote or require small footprints.


Biomass Systems

Projects incorporating biomass / biogas boilers for power generation, district heating, or anaerobic digestion are particularly attractive for use with our ORC systems due to reduced capital costs (i.e. the boiler) and incredibly easy integration.


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