Power Generation

Combustion Engines

Combustion engines, such as those used in diesel generators or gensets, have seen extensive use across the globe for their reliable power generation capabilities. From diesel prime power for remote power generation to providing power for industrial processes, combustion engines have the ability generate anywhere from just a couple kilowatts to several megawatts of electricity. However even with huge leaps in technology, gensets typically lose over 50% of the their input energy to waste heat.

ElectraTherm’s organic Rankine cycle (ORC) solutions, the Power+ Generator and Active Cooler, are able to capture this waste heat – increasing efficiency and reducing energy costs. There are several other benefits you could also capitalize on such as reducing engine de-rate and selling excess electricity to the grid.

Factors That Make A Successful Application


The amount of heat available is a large factor in determining the amount of power that can be generated. Typically, heat sources above 100°C are considered the most practical. Along with this, the flow of water also plays a critical role. Find more information on the optimal conditions here.

Run Hours

The more time an application is up and running, the more waste heat there is available to convert into clean electricity. There are 8760 hours in a year and a suitable application experiences 80% up-time, whereas an ideal application experiences 95% up-time. 

Cost of Power

Installing an ElectraTherm ORC heat to power system comes with several benefits, from reduced emissions to increased efficiency. However, the most tangible benefit often realized by customers is the value of electricity produced. The most successful applications have costs of electricity greater than $0.10/kWh.

Combined Heat and Power

By integrating ElectraTherm’s ORC products into your existing CHP system you improve both efficiency and your bottom line. After reducing the system’s cooling load and effectively generating clean electricity along with usable thermal, you will see why waste heat recovery is not only profitable, but practical.

The Power+ Generator was recently demonstrated with the U.S. Department of Defense, where it was used for remote power generation and was successfully able to act as a radiator replacement while increasing efficiency up to 10%. Read more about it here.

By utilizing your waste heat and reducing dependence from the grid, direct and indirect emissions are reduced. A fully utilized Power+ Generator on a diesel genset has the ability to reduce emissions by over 600 metric tons annually.

Case Studies

Increases Efficiency and Profits

By taking advantage of a resource you already have, our ORC solutions reduce the parasitic cooling load while providing additional horsepower – without affecting your existing processes. By increasing your site’s efficiency by up to 10%, you not only benefit from reduced energy costs and increased output, but could even qualify for local incentives that promote energy efficiency and sustainable advancements.

This additional power can be sold back to the grid for profit, used to offset energy costs, or simply used to increase overall power output.

Typical Energy Split in Combustion Engine

Eliminates Parasitic Cooling Load

Both the engine and ElectraTherm module require cooling, satisfy both with one system. ElectraTherm’s integrated design combines both cooling duties into one radiator to provide 100% full-load cooling capability for the engine, independent of the module’s status.

ElectraTherm’s ORC solutions reduce the jacket water loop cooling load 70-100%, decreasing the temperature of the intercooler radiator. This cooling effect on the jacket water and intercooler temperature can significantly reduce engine de-rate in high temperature ambient conditions.

Pair this with the ability to act as a zero power consumption cooler that generates profitable power, it is no wonder why we call it the radiator with a payback.

Methane Optimization

Applications utilizing natural gases such as landfills capturing methane, waste water treatment plants, or biogas plants have another amazing waste heat recovery perk…

By capturing flare gas, ElectraTherm’s solutions can generate clean electricity while reducing or even eliminating flaring. This comes with several economic and environmental benefits plus you could even qualify for attractive incentives for reducing emissions.

Watch this video for an overview of flare elimination.


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