Providing Innovative Waste Heat Recovery Solutions That Improve Your Bottom Line and The Environment

ElectraTherm’s heat to power and net-zero cooling to power systems convert sources of low temperature heat into clean electricity, ready immediately.

Converting Heat Into Clean Electricity
The Future of Energy Efficiency

ElectraTherm’s simple and reliable products use an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) along with proprietary technologies to convert low-temperature heat into clean electricity, with no additional fuel consumption or emissions. Our solutions align with many corporate sustainability and environmental milestones, making our solutions an ideal compliment to any company wishing to improve their bottom line and the environment.

Reduce Costs

Our solutions use an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) to increase efficiency by converting unused heat into clean electricity. This process also reduces the cooling load 70-100%, further offsetting energy demand. Operators benefit from lower energy costs and may be eligible for incentives promoting energy efficiency.

Reduce Emissions

Many power generation and industrial processes see approximately 60% of fuel energy lost as waste heat. By capturing this heat you prevent the waste of energy and generate clean electricity, which can be used to offset site energy demand. Our solutions are proven to decrease fossil fuel consumption and their related emissions, reduce or eliminate flaring, as well as reducing reliance on the grid by achieving a more circular economy.

Increase Efficiency

Our systems increase efficiency up to 10%, either by reducing fuel consumption and emissions or by increasing power output. Our net-zero cooling solution, the Active Cooler, is capable of offsetting the cooling load while generating electricity. ORC heat recovery technology is the future of energy efficiency.



Applicable fluid heat sources are between 70°C and 150°C.
Heat sources above 150°C – such as exhaust gases and thermal oils – can be utilized with the deployment of an additional heat exchanger.

Our low-temperature ORC solutions use hot water as fuel in order to generate up to 125 kWe of clean electricity, at no additional cost to the operator. That water can get to us any number of ways, as long as we have enough of it and at a high enough temperature. Power output is directly correlated to the flow rate and source temperature, however an application can get away with a lower flow rate if the water is a high enough temperature.


Power Generation

Engines generate large amounts of heat and require cooling. By adding an ORC system to your engine you can produce clean electricity from available heat, increasing efficiency up to 10% with no additional fuel combustion or emissions. The cooling ability of the ORC significantly reduces the cooling load, which can lead to the unit serving as a radiator replacement.


Methane Optimization

For industries dealing with natural gases - such as landfill gas production, biogas plants, and wastewater treatment - integrating an ORC heat recovery system can increase engine efficiency, generate clean electricity from boiler process heat, or even eliminate flaring.


Industrial Waste Heat

Industrial processes generate loads of heat, over half of this thermal energy is lost as waste heat and vented to the atmosphere or dumped into our bodies of water. With ElectraTherm this low-temperature heat from industrial processes can be used to generate additional, clean power - improving your bottom line and the environment.


Oil and Gas

Oil and gas ORC applications provide operators with numerous ways to benefit from the utilization of waste heat. Project owners who integrate an ElectraTherm ORC system are able to: generate clean electricity while achieving net-zero cooling, increase engine efficiency up to 10%, provide a baseload power supply in remote areas, exceed air quality standards through flare elimination, and even the ability to generate geothermal power.



With recent advancements in ORC technology, low-temperature sources of geothermal such as hot springs and co-produced fluids can now be used to generate profitable power - with no additional costs to the operator. Our ORC systems are perfect for generating electricity for profit or providing baseload power to projects that are either remote or require small footprints.


Biomass Systems

Projects incorporating biomass / biogas boilers for power generation, district heating, or anaerobic digestion are particularly attractive for use with our ORC systems due to reduced capital costs (i.e. the boiler) and incredibly easy integration.

Factors that make a successful application


The amount of heat available is the largest factor in determining if a heat source is viable for ORC heat recovery. While heat sources as low as 70°C can be used, heat sources above 100°C are considered ideal. Other variables that play a role in determining output are the flow rate and hot/cold water temperature differential.


The more time an application is operational, the more heat there is available to convert into electricity. There are 8760 hours in a year and suitable applications will experience 80% up-time, however applications with 90% up-time offer the best economics.


Installing an ElectraTherm ORC heat recovery system comes with several benefits, from reduced carbon footprint to increased efficiency. However the most tangible benefit realized is the value of electricity produced. Ideal projects have electrical costs greater than $0.10/kWh.

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