Industrial Waste Heat

Process Heat Recovery

Industrial processes generate loads of heat. Over half of this energy, known as waste heat, is often vented to the atmosphere or dumped into our bodies of water. On top of that, it is estimated that over 90% of industrial waste heat in the United States is at too low of temperature to economically generate power with traditional heat recovery systems.

With ElectraTherm, industrial waste heat sources as low as 70°C can be used to generate up to 125 kW of emission-free electricity using our next generation waste heat recovery technology.

Many industries operate 24/7, which maximises the amount of power produced and further improves your return on investment. Operators looking to take advantage of their excess heat benefit from increased plant efficiency, reduced energy and fuel costs, and reduced emissions.

Untapped Potential

Opportunities for taking advantage of industrial waste heat are everywhere. For facilities that generate their own power or use boilers, furnaces, kilns, or other heat generating processes – ElectaTherm’s low temperature waste heat recovery may be an excellent fit.

Take the steel industry for instance. If the global waste heat from steel production were to be converted to clean electricity, over 500 TWh of emission-free power would be produced. The environmental impact – let alone the economic impact – is enormous.

Other typical sectors for industrial waste heat recovery are the metal, paper, glass, ceramic, and chemical industries. Click here to see a few of the benefits waste heat to power can offer your business.

If harnessed, the Waste heat from industrial processes in the United States Alone can Provide OVER 10 GIGAWATTS OF CLEAN ELECTRICITY – enough to power over 10 million american homes and save U.S. industries over $3,000,000,ooo annually while creating as many as 160,000 jobs.

Case Studies

Active Cooler, Cooling To Power

While the Power+ Generator acts as a CHP generator – upcycling waste heat into usable thermal and electricity, the Active Cooler acts as a cooling to power generator – using the same cycle to provide zero power cooling along with generating clean electricity. It is the only cooler of it’s kind in the world.

Unlike traditional radiators, the Active Cooler does not consume any power from the grid or negatively impact existing processes. With our integrated cooler, the previous radiator’s cooling load is completely eliminated. This amounts to thousands of dollars annually in energy and fuel savings. Pair this with the additional power generated and your site’s efficiency just got significantly increased.

The Active Cooler is not only a solution for today but a solution for the tomorrow. Even as times change and industries began to use more efficient renewable forms of energy, heat will still be produced and systems will still need cooling. High efficiency cooling is the future of energy efficiency.


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