ElectraTherm’s Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) systems convert low temperature and waste heat as low as 70°C into clean electricity. Since hot water is the fuel, benefits include reduced fuel consumption and emissions, increased power output, net-zero cooling, flare elimination, and more. See our Applications Page for common industries served.

ElectraTherm’s POWER MODULE75 produces fuel-free, emission-free power from various low-grade waste heat sources using the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) and the company’s patented BITZER semi-hermetic twin screw expander/generator combination. ElectraTherm’s patented ORC design represents a dramatic change from radial or axial turbine technologies, providing a more cost efficient, robust design withno shaft seal between the expander/generator combination, greatly enhancing reliability.

The POWER MODULE75 is an evolution of ElectraTherm’s POWER+ GENERATOR series and the BITZER expander offers enhanced performance across the operating range with a maximum output of 75kW.

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We at ElectraTherm know that every project is specific, therefore every project requires a specific solution. Our team of engineers and technicians are at your full disposal to identify the best solution that fits your needs. Get in touch with an analyst who can determine which ORC product is right for you.


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