Net-Zero Cooling to Power On Biogas Engine

Application: Net-Zero Cooling, Engine Waste Heat Recovery
Power Output + Load Offset: 43 kW
Hot Water Inlet Temperature: 88°C
Hot Water Flow Rate: 11 l/s

ElectraTherm, an industry-leader in low temperature Organic Rankine cycle (ORC) systems, installed an Active Cooler at a biogas plant in Poland on an 800 kW engine.  This pilot installation of the Active Cooler incorporates a custom Power+ Generator and high efficiency cooler for the first complete cooling to power application, future installations will consist of a newly designed ORC system featuring a rugged frame with easy connections allowing for fast deployment.

The net-zero cooling to power generation system runs in sync with the biogas engine, providing full-load cooling 100% of the time while generating clean electricity during times of low utilization. The Active Cooler displaces the previous radiator’s demand of 8 kW and provides an additional 35 kW to the site. This amounts to a 5.5% increase in energy efficiency.

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