Biomass heat recovery with Novalux

Application: Boiler Process Heat, Biomass Heat Recovery
Power Output: 130 kWe (2 units)
Hot Water Inlet Temperature: 115°C
Hot Water Flow Rate: 9 l/s

ElectraTherm, an industry-leading provider of low temperature heat recovery solutions utilizing Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology, sold two machines to UK distributor, Novalux. Novalux Energy desired to provide all of their own heat and electricity needs for their industrial complex. After securing a grid connection, technicians determined that two 1.2 MW boilers along with two 65 kW ORCs (now 75 kW with the upgraded BITZER expander) would be the best fit for this project expected to consume approximately 4,000 tons of wood waste per annum.

Thanks to the biomass heat recovery system the site now has access to cheap, clean heat and power. Novalux is able to take advantage of clean energy incentives such as the Renewable Heat Initiative (RHI) and Renewable Obligation certificates in addition to selling additional power not consumed to the grid. On a yearly basis Novalux exports $110,000 USD worth of clean electricity while claiming over $400,000 USD from various incentives. The application guarantees a significant revenue stream for 20+ years and requires minimal hands-on interaction thanks to remote monitoring and operating capabilities.

Today, though the RHI is no longer accepting applicants, ORC biomass heat recovery systems are still an attractive option for those wishing to become more self-sufficient and benefit from a circular, sustainable economy. Typically, projects without an existing boiler (our fuel, aka hot water, supply) will see a return on investment within 3 to 5 years depending on the heat available. Projects that already have a boiler benefit from reduced capital costs and usually see a return on investment within 3 years. For sites that are already taking advantage of the RHI, ElectraTherm offers retrofit opportunities that give the ORC system significant performance upgrades. Contact an ElectraTherm representative today for a project evaluation to see if your site is a good fit for our industry-leading heat recovery technology.

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