Increasing Efficiency With Biomass Heat Recovery

ElectraTherm has exceeded 1,000,000 operating hours in the United Kingdom for biomass heat recovery applications, signaling a shift towards efficient technologies.

ElectraTherm runs its largest Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) waste heat recovery model, the 6500 Power+ Generator, at a garden centre in the United Kingdom. This is the first 6500 series of the Power+ Generator and offers enhanced thermal and power abelites compared to the smaller 4400 variants.

Commissioned in early 2016, the site utilizes biomass to generate clean electricity. The Power+ Generator also acts as a Combined Heat & Power (CHP) unit producing both electricity and useful thermal for heating the garden centre, as well as drying the biomass to sell for profit.

At the garden centre, ElectraTherm utilizes ORC and proprietary technologies to generate power from low temperature heat at 119°C. The site uses wood chips to fuel an Ariterm Bio Boiler. The boiler heats water to run the Power+ Generator, and produces clean electricity that is sold back to the utility at an incentivized rate. The ORC condensing is provided by a distributed radiator/fan system that also serves as heating for the entire garden centre, increasing the efficiency of the system as a whole. Two 30 kWh plate heat exchangers have also been incorporated into the district heating system along with existing radiators to supply hot water and heat the office space. ElectraTherm’s ORC solutions allow businesses of all sizes to achieve their sustainability goals and benefit from a more circular economy, especially true in biomass heat recovery and CHP applications where maximum utilization is achieved.

“The addition of the Power+ Generator to the Garden Centre increases overall site efficiency, and reduces our use fossil fuels and their ever increasing costs,” says Sam Ainscow, manager of Summerseat and Bradley Fold Garden Centre. “ORC technology is critical to maximizing the site’s operations, and ElectraTherm is the most proven, robust ORC technology available.”

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