Boiler Process Heat ORC Application in France

Application: Boiler Process Heat – Biomass Heat Recovery
Power Output: 65 kWe
Hot Water Inlet Temperature: 110°C
Hot Water Flow Rate: 12.5 l/s

ElectraTherm, an industry leader in small-scale heat recovery using Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology, has partnered with Mini Green Power (MGP) in France to combine ElectraTherm’s low temperature heat recovery technology with MGP’s biomass gasification and controls expertise. The ORC system will generate carbon neutral renewable power from syngas combustion heat on a Gazeogen mini-power plant system located in Hyères, France.

MGP’s gasification and boiler system supplies ElectraTherm’s ORC with water at 110°C and a flow rate hovering around 12.5 l/s. At these parameters, the ORC generates up to 65 kW of clean electricity from boiler process heat. Additionally, the plant’s feedstock is a mixture of green waste and wood residue with up to 55% moisture. The ability to utilize biomass with varying quality and moisture levels never before achieved in the market unlocks new opportunities for ORC biomass boiler applications for operators with access to less-than-ideal biomass. The combination of ElectraTherm’s and Mini Green Power’s technology makes energy produced from biomass competitive with natural gas.

“There’s a noticeable shift from large scale fossil fuels to localized energy generation methods, and Mini Green Power is at the forefront of this movement. Our partnership with ElectraTherm, a leader in small-scale ORC generation, demonstrates our commitment to the development of optimized and reliable energy solutions and innovation that will make a circular economy a reality for small towns and industries.”
– Jean Riondel, President @ MGP

“Supplying a micro-grid with a renewable, controllable, and non-intermittent source is an essential asset to supplement the energy produced by solar panels. [ORC] technology is rugged enough to be installed on isolated sites. We are thus going to be the first to make businesses self-sufficient in energy thanks to the production of local biomass, as a coconut or cocoa farm in Togo could do for example.”
– Yann Herriot, Solar and Isolated Sites Manager @ MGP

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