Industrial Waste Heat To Power in Czech Republic

Application: Industrial Waste Heat, Engine Waste Heat
Power Output: 66 kWe (2 units)
Thermal Input: 750 kWth
Hot Water Inlet Temperature: 92°C
Hot Water Flow Rate: 10 l/s

ElectraTherm installed two Power+ Generators at FOSFA, a manufacturer of phosphoric acid and phosphates in the Czech Republic. The manufacturing plant has been in operation since 1884 and maintains a culture of environmental standards geared towards ensuring all waste is processed in the most efficient, environmentally-friendly way.

The manufacturing plant operates four 250kW internal combustion engines for onsite power. ElectraTherm’s Power+ Generators run in parallel with two of the engines, supplied by hot water from the jacket water and exhaust systems of the engines at 88-95°C. The machines are cooled by a cooling tower the facility already uses for their chemical process. The cold water runs through the Power+ Generators at approximately 16-24°C.

Each of the two utilized IC engines are currently producing between 175-220kWe, amounting to to over 700 kWth of industrial waste heat. The two Power+ Generators each generate approximately 33 kWe, increasing site efficiency and reducing the plant’s carbon footprint. The power produced is fed back into the grid and meets national feed-in tariff requirements for renewable energy.

“ORC technology complements the Czech Republic’s pursuit towards its national renewable portfolio goals because it utilizes a pre-existing heat source without the investment, environmental-footprint and risk often associated with other renewable technologies. The Power+ is also robust with low maintenance requirements, maximizing the machine’s return on investment.”
– Lokchandar Selvaraj, President of GB Consulting

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