First ORC Gas Compression Application

Application: Gas Compression, Engine Waste Heat Recovery
Power Output: 90 kWe
Hot Water Inlet Temperature: 110°C
Hot Water Flow Rate: 11 l/s

ElectraTherm partnered with ConocoPhillips to install two Green Machines (now the Power+ Generator) at a natural gas compression station in Alberta, Canada. ElectraTherm’s ORC generators produce electrical output up to 65kWe each, running in parallel off the waste heat of a Waukesha 7042 natural gas engine. The waste heat available generates approximately 90 kW of fuel-free, emission-free electricity at the site. The ORC generators are remotely monitored 1,200 miles away and represent ElectraTherm’s first commercial units that are CRN and CSA approved for Canadian deployments.

Exhaust heat from the natural gas engine is converted to hot water and added to the jacket water heat through an engine glycol cooling loop combined with an Aprovis exhaust gas heat exchanger. The waste heat enters our system at 230°F (110°C) and 180 GPM (11 l/s), where it’s converted into usable onsite power. This specific site was retrofitted into an existing compressor using an engine driven radiator/gas cooling system. Compression applications that integrate an ORC system benefit from reduced cooling loads and onsite electrical generation. This increases efficiency by reducing fuel consumption and emissions or by providing additional horsepower.


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About ElectraTherm

ElectraTherm by BITZER Group provides world-class waste heat recovery solutions by utilizing the Organic Rankine Cycle along with proprietary technologies to convert low-temperature heat into clean power. ElectraTherm’s simple and effective solutions generate clean electricity, boost efficiency, reduce energy costs, and decrease emissions – with no additional fuel consumption. Having shipped over 100 ORC units to over 13 countries clocking over 2,000,000 hours of operations, ElectraTherm is a global leader in small-scale waste heat recovery.

The combined advantage of ElectraTherm’s engineering along with the value of being supported by BITZER, the world’s largest independent manufacturer of refrigeration compressors which boasts close to 3,500 global employees and average annual sales approaching $1 billion, allows the ElectraTherm team to continue developing industry-leading ORC technology that is good for both business and the planet.

ElectraTherm’s Power+ Generator is a heat to power solution, converting waste heat into clean electricity and usable thermal. The Active Cooler serves as a net-zero cooling to power solution, using the same ORC process to provide self-powered cooling while generating electricity. Both of ElectraTherm’s solutions reduce emissions and energy costs while providing a baseload power / cooling supply. Taking advantage of waste heat is not only profitable, but practical. Allowing companies to benefit from a more circular economy while achieving sustainability goals.

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