Frequently Asked Questions
What is “Waste Heat” and Where is it Available?

Read the Waste Heat to Power Fact Sheet here, courtesy of the Heat is Power Association.

What is the Power+ Generator™?

The Power+ Generator™ is an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) based waste heat-to-power generating system. It captures waste energy from distributed hot water sources such as stationary engine jacket water, biomass boilers, solar thermal and geothermal/co-produced fluids to generate up to 110kWe of fuel-free, emission-free electricity.

Will ElectraTherm’s Power+ Generator™ work on any recoverable heat source?

The Power+ performs best with hot water flows of 50-350 GPM (3.2-22.1 l/s) at 170-252°F (77-122°C).

What about hot side temperatures greater than 252°F (122°C)?

The patented twin screw expander and ElectraTherm’s ORC system specifically targets low temperature and abundant resources. Our current upper limit for input to the machine is 252°F/122°C.  However, if there is potential to reduce the hot water source via a secondary loop, the Power+ can be utilized.

What is the environmental impact of using ElectraTherm heat to power systems?

None. Units are self contained, fuel-free, 100% environmentally friendly and produce zero CO2 emissions. No EPA permitting is required.

How much maintenance is required?

Minor items, such as annual belt inspection, filter changes, along with standard pump, generator and dry cooler maintenance add up to minimal estimated costs, approximately 1-1.5 US cent/kWh generated, or approx. $5,000 – $7,500 (USD) annually. Water condensing may require filter changes and/or chemical treatment, often part of pre-existing cooling system management conducted by the host facility. The Power+ employs a positive displacement power block so the working fluid carries system lubricants in suspension. No oil pump, gear box or oil to change means minimal life cycle maintenance.

How much operator time is required?

Minimal. ElectraTherm systems are self-contained with on-board monitoring and controls, allowing either hands on or remote operation. The unit can be stopped, started and monitored at an offsite location via the remote monitoring software.

How do I know if the ElectraTherm Power+ Generator will work with my application?

ElectraTherm provides an initial assessment of your application and customizes a basic cost/benefit analysis. To receive an estimate of power output at your site, please fill out a Project Evaluation Form at or contact us electronically.

Who installs and supports Power+ Generators™?

While internal staff at some facilities can install and service Power+ Generators™, ElectraTherm’s authorized dealers work with end users to engineer, install and commission, as well as provide ongoing service support.