Annual Runtime: The number of hours in a year that the Power+ Generator is actively generating power. 

Carnot efficiency: The maximum possible theoretical efficiency that can be reached by any heat engine.

Cost (value) of power: The selling price of power. The cost of power of energy produced by the Power+ Generator may be eligible for renewable energy

Energy: Energy comes in many forms including thermal, potential, and chemical energy.

Flue gas:  Superfluous gases that are produced in certain industrial or commercial processes.

Gross kWe: The power produced from the generator.

Heat engine: A heat engine is a machine that converts thermal heat into mechanical work.

Heat exchanger: Equipment that is used to transfer heat from one source to another.

Hot water pump parasitic kWe: The power consumed by the hot water pump (not always necessary).

Internal feed pump parasitic kWe: The power consumed from the Power+ Generator feed pump.

Liquid loop parasitic kWe: The power consumed by the fans on the liquid loop radiator.

Liquid Loop Radiator (LLR): A fin/fan type liquid cooler that rejects heat to the atmosphere on the condensing side of the ORC cycle.

Net kWe: The Gross kWe produced by the generator less all of the parasitic loads necessary for the operation of the Power+ Generator.

Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC): An Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) uses an organic working fluid that has a boiling point less than that of water to convert low-temperature heat into mechanical work. The mechanical work that is generated can then be converted into electricity.

Parasitic load: The electrical energy that is required to run pumps, fans, electronics etc to run the overall system.

System Delta T (ΔT): The difference in temperature between the hot and cold reservoirs of a heat engine. Typical units for system delta T are in Kelvins [K]

Thermal power: The rate at which work can be performed with the use of energy from heat. Thermal power can be represented in SI units as [Wth].

Water cooling loop pump kWe: The power consumed by the cooling (condensing) water pump.

Working fluid: The fluid that is used to transfer heat from one medium to another. In the case of the ElectraTherm Power+ Generator, Honeywell 245fa is the working fluid that is used.