The ABCs of ORCs

Biomass Magazine featured ElectraTherm in its January issue on Organic Rankine cycle systems and how they fit well on biomass waste streams to produce combined heat and power. Read the article here.

Powering Through the Storm

The Clean Energy Business Network aired a podcast in advance of National Clean Energy Week to highlight the contributions of small- to medium-size businesses to commonsense energy solutions. ElectraTherm distributor Gulf Coast Green Energy is interviewed for the piece.

The Biogas Solution that will Change the Industry

Water Environment & Technology published a byline from John Fox on how capturing flare gas at Wastewater Treatment Plants could be the solution the industry is looking for to eliminate flaring, reduce emissions, and generate power. Read the article here: Water…

Small Scale Cogeneration

Midstream Magazine published a byline from John Fox on how waste heat from gas compression can provide site power and increase engine efficiency. Read the story here: Midstream Magazine

The Case For New Gas Capture Tech

The Bakken Magazine wrote a story advocating for flare gas elimination technology. “When it comes to getting gas flaring under control in the Bakken, the idea that opposites attract might provide the best solution to what has become a constant…