Robert R. Emrich II
Managing Director

Rob joined the ElectraTherm team in 2009 as the VP of Sales, when the company was still very much a start-up and had yet to sell a single commercial unit. In his first year over a dozen machines were shipped across the globe before undergoing major design changes in 2010. The Green Machine became the Power+ Generator and since then over 100 machines have been shipped to over 13 countries. After BITZER’s acquisition of ElectraTherm in 2016, Rob became the Sales and Marketing Director before being named Managing Director in 2019. In his 10+ years at ElectraTherm, Rob has led the market transition from prototype to fully commercialized offerings and has played a critical role in ElectraTherm’s progression in the waste heat recovery industry.

Tom Brokaw
Engineering Manager

Tom joined the team as a Design Engineer in 2011, where his talents were evident and he was quickly promoted to Lead Design Engineer within his first year, eventually being established as ElectraTherm’s Engineering Manager. During his 10 years with the company, Tom has overseen 7 major design iterations of the Power+ Generator, the development of the larger 6500 ORC, and the integration of BITZER’s improved expander. Tom is currently overseeing the development of the Active Cooler, the only self-powered cooler of it’s kind in the world. Tom and his team of engineers are at the forefront of ORC development, ensuring heat recovery technology is a viable and cost-effective means of using heat to generate power.

Kevin Kirkeby
Senior Business Development Analyst

Kevin joined the ElectraTherm team after receiving his Graduate Certificate in Renewable Energy from the University of Nevada, Reno. Kevin also obtained his Master of Business Administration from the University of Nevada, Reno – where he serves as an Adjunct Instructor part-time. Kevin has worked on several renewable energy and natural resource issues during his ten year tenure as a director for the U.S. Senate as well as his time as an elected county official.

Erick Wipf
Fleet Manager, Service Engineer

Erick Wipf has over 24 years of experience in electrical engineering, project management, and sales. During his time working as a Sales Engineer for ElectraTherm, Erick not only drove the development of our flagship SMART tool but also performed much of the initial business case development and heat balance work on applications from 2011 – 2014. As an Electrical Engineer for ElectraTherm, Erick oversaw the product development of a VDE machine for the German market. He also led the development of a higher performance PLC utilized to control the new BITZER expander. Currently Erick is working on the deployment of BITZER retrofit kits for previously installed ORCs and now manages the operating fleet database, providing machine commissioning and service documentation. Prior to ElectraTherm, Erick was an electronics engineer for a gaming company as well as project manager responsible for public and private commercial electrical works with project values exceeding $5,000,000.

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