Natural Gas Compressor in Canada

ElectraTherm Converts Waste Heat to Power at a Natural Gas Compressor Station

ORC Application on a Waukesha 7042
Site: Alberta, Canada
Gross Power Output Avg: 90kWe
Hot Water Input Range: 110°C
Hot Water Flow: 11 l/s

ElectraTherm partnered with ConocoPhillips to install two Power+ Generators at a natural gas compression station in Cessford, Alberta, Canada. The two Power+ 4400s, ElectraTherm’s ORC generators producing electrical output up to 65kWe each, run in parallel off the waste heat of a Waukesha 7042 natural gas engine. The waste heat generates approximately 90kWe gross of fuel-free, emission-free electricity at the site. These Power+ Generators represent ElectraTherm’s first commercial units that are CRN and CSA approved for Canadian deployments.

Exhaust heat from the natural gas engine is converted to hot water and added to the jacket water heat through an engine glycol cooling loop combined with an Aprovis exhaust gas heat exchanger. The waste heat enters each Power+ at 230°F (110°C) and 180 GPM (11 l/s), where it’s converted into usable onsite power. This specific site was retrofitted into an existing compressor using an engine driven radiator/gas cooling system.

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