Radiator Replacement
ElectraTherm’s Power+ Generator™ Can Replace the OEM Radiator. Watch a short video on how it works here: The Radiator with a Payback
  • Offset capital costs / 20-30% of ORC project costs are avoided.
  • Generate fuel free and emission free power.
Replace your existing engine’s radiator with an ElectraTherm Power+ and generate electricity from the engine cooling process that previously only consumed power

  • Using a single radiator to cool both the engine and Power+
  • Transparent operation and redundancy: Engine cooling still in effect regardless of Power+ status
  • ElectraTherm Power+ can accept different heat inputs from engine (optimized solution varies per project requirements):
–JW only heat input
–JW and exhaust combined heat input
–JW and exhaust heat separate heat inputs.
The Radiator with a Payback
The engine requires cooling and the Power+ requires cooling. Satisfy both with one system. ElectraTherm’s integrated design combines both cooling duties into one radiator to provide 100% full-load cooling capability for the engine, independent of the Power+ Generator.

Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide Magazine featured our “Radiator with a Payback”. Read the article here