Diesel Prime Power

Typical Energy Split in A Stationary Engine

Energy Split

Increase your Engine’s Fuel Efficiency Up to 10%

  1. ~60% of the fuel consumed converts to waste heat via jacket water and exhaust, don’t waste it.
  2. On a diesel 1MW genset the fuel savings could approximate $200-$300K annually.
  3. The addition of a Power+ Generator™ can 100% replace the OEM radiator – and produce revenue! Watch a short video on how it works here: The Radiator with a Payback

Power+ Generator™ Cooling Effect Provides Additional Engine Horsepower

    1. Power+ reduces the jacket water loop cooling load 70–100% which also decreases the temperature of the low temperature intercooler radiator, increasing the charge air density and the effective engine power.
    2. Power+ cooling effect on the jacket water and decreased intercooler temperature can significantly reduce the engine de-rate in high temp. ambient conditions.

The Radiator with a Payback

ElectraTherm’s Power+ Generator™ Can Replace the OEM Radiator
  • Offset capital costs / 20-30% of ORC project costs are avoided.
  • Generate fuel free and emission free power.
  • Demonstrated with a Dept. of Defense project.