Two Ways to Utilize ORC Technology at a Landfill

#1. Eliminate Flaring by Converting Flare Gas to Green Power

Watch a short video on how it works here: ElectraTherm’s Flare Elimination System

By capturing the flare gas, ElectraTherm’s Power+ Generator eliminates flaring at the site and generates green energy. Benefits of the Power+ Generator:

  • Eliminate flaring
  • Generate clean power and offset demand
  • Increase energy efficiency by utilizing your waste heat
  • Decrease Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions
  • Reduce capital and maintenance costs
  • Qualify for attractive incentives, or bank credits

#2. Add ORC Power Generation to Your Engine

  • Add revenue to your PPA or offset onsite load with fuel-free, emission-free ORC power from engine waste heat.
  • Greatly reduces parasitic load from cooling fans and seasonal de-rate in hot temperatures.
  • The Power+ can entirely replace an engine radiator, offsetting captial costs. Watch a short video on how it works here: The Radiator with a Payback
ElectraTherm’s Power+ Generator
  • Power Output: 35-110 kWe
  • Thermal Input: 2 MMbtu/Hr – 8 MMbtu/Hr
  • Gas Flow: 3,600 – 14,000 scf/hr (@55% methane)
  • Gas Flow: 6,600 – 25,670 scf/hr (@30% methane)