I left ElectraTherm with 100% satisfaction in the product that we were receiving and the support that came along with that purchase. Your company and team are taking a business approach that tends to have been forgotten today, quality and service first.
ElectraTherm’s upfront approach, product quality, customer service and attention and to detail far exceeded any industry standard.
Matthew Scott, City of Unalaska
ElectraTherm has developed a compact ORC machine able to generate electricity from low-temperature waste heat by using an organic working fluid. The inclusion of the ORC utilizes heat that would otherwise go to waste. In addition to biogas, ElectraTherm’s ORC technology works especially well with satellite combined heat and power (CHP), district heating systems and geothermal applications.
Guntner GmbH Case Study
I am pleased to report that the ElectraTherm ORC, installed at a biogas plant in Trechwitz, Germany in 2012, continues to successfully operate as a commercial ORC installation. The site is producing biogas through anaerobic digestion to fire a Dreyer & Bosse CHP with an MWM internal combustion engine that generates electricity to sell to the grid. The [ORC] produces additional power from the waste heat of the engine. With the current feed-in-tariff for the site (or the offset of retail power costs alone), attractive payback periods can be achieved.
Gerd Knospe, etatherm
The [Power+ Generator] was easy to incorporate into our system and the installation and commissioning process went smoothly. ElectraTherm provided strong support during the commissioning process and initial start-up phase.
Matt King, WRCSI