ElectraTherm's Mission & Vision


Show the world that waste heat generates clean power.


The world’s waste fuels our future. ElectraTherm can positively impact the world’s energy needs and the environment as we harness this untapped, abundant resource. The Power+ Generator™ not only makes kilowatts, it converts free fuel into an income stream. Waste heat is everywhere, which means Power+ Generators™ can be everywhere.

We are part of the clean energy movement. But we don’t wear blinders – clean energy needs to make dollars and sense. Go green, but be smart about it. Profitability is the cornerstone of sustainability.

ElectraTherm is in a unique position reflecting the timely convergence of our company’s development, market dynamics and the Power+ Generator’s™ competitive advantages. We must make the most of this rare opportunity. The Power+ Generator™ was brought to life through hard work, innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. It takes disciplined engineering combined with creative genius to tame the physics and the ghost in the machine. This challenge makes our work engaging and rewarding.

We are the leaders in our market. We are going where others have not and succeeding where others have failed. Why? Because we don’t over-promise and under deliver. Not to ourselves, not to our customers. Being the leaders in a new market means our primary goal is credibility. With something new, people need to see to believe. We make believers out of our customers.

Opening new markets requires constant vigilance and a continual dialog with our customers and our team. We know there is an enormous market for the Power+ Generator™. With market knowledge, we drive product development to meet customers’ evolving needs. Where can the Power+ Generator™ make the most impact now? How do we develop the Power+ Generator™ to reach farther?  How do we make it easier for customers to buy from us? We always question assumptions and never stop asking “how do we get better?”

We can learn a lot from our customers. Engage them, listen to them, watch what they do. We aren’t just selling a product; we’re forming partnerships and providing system solutions that make sense. Always keep the key product requirements in mind: robustness, ease of installation and operation, and a solid return on investment.

Our workplace is energizing and empowering. Every one of us can be a leader. Every one of us has a place to shine and be recognized, but we’re not looking for individual heroes. We are one team. We will build this company up by building up each other. We embrace new challenges because the status quo bores us to no end. Growth and change are core to our personal and company character.


The Green Code (Operating Principles)

Every day we are consciously creating a product, a company and a market.

We never stop learning and raising the bar.

We celebrate our wins together and learn from our setbacks together.

We strive to help each other shine. The path forward is paved by teamwork.

We have a bias for action that does not fear failure.

We are open and honest, always.

We are never done.