Careers at ElectraTherm

Customer Service Intern

The Customer Service Intern is focused on the day-to-day operations of ElectraTherm’s fleet of Power+ Generators, learning from his or her supervisor to report performance anomalies. The successful applicant will intern, learn from, and become an integral member of the Customer Service Group.

Areas of Focus

Applicant should be knowledgeable in the areas of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics, and will have a basic understanding of electrical circuit principles. Specific duties include:

• Downloading and analyzing performance data from operating machines around the world

• Comparing performance to known site conditions and reporting potential problems

• Preparing and submitting sales orders for replacement parts

• Writing and updating technical documentation

• Other duties as required

Job Requirements

Enrollment in an engineering discipline (ME or EE preferred)

Sophomore or Junior standing

Strong background with Microsoft Office products (Word and Excel required, Access database experience a plus)

Must be self-motivated

Must have excellent communication skills (Completion of ME-301 a plus)

Good troubleshooting skills required



Paula Rightmire, Human Resources

prightmire [at ] electratherm [dot] com

Applications Software Intern

Technical intern focused on improving and maintaining pre-existing applications software for R&D, design and sales.

Areas of Focus

Student needs to be knowledgeable in basic programming. Development will be done in VBA and VB.NET. Current macros will be segmented apart and used as the basis for higher-level design use by the intern. Software will be used for R&D, product design, sales utility and document creation. No mechanical experience is required but may be helpful for certain optional tasks.

• Utilizing previously implemented code for extended functionality

• Basic debugging

• Macro organization and refactoring

• Software interface updating

• Pursuing advanced features if capable

Job Requirements

• Sophomore year or higher

• Basic programming education, no specific program or script language

• Excellent written communication skills

• Technical experience preferred


Gene Lengdorfer, Systems Engineer

glengdorfer [at] electratherm [dot] com

ElectraTherm actively seeks resumes for engineering students seeking paid internship opportunities. Please submit your interest in ElectraTherm here.

ElectraTherm, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.