About ElectraTherm

Who We Are

We are a global leader in low temperature waste heat recovery, providing simple and effective solutions that boost efficiency while reducing energy costs and emissions. Our commercially proven heat to power system, the Power+ Generator, uses excess heat to generate fuel-free, emission-free power at no additional cost to the site. Our latest technology, the Active Cooler, is a net-zero cooling to power solution that serves as a radiator alternative which generates clean electricity.

While most applications utilize waste heat from engines, boiler systems, or industrial processes, other sources of heat such as geothermal and concentrated solar can also be utilized. Our systems are a good fit for fluid heat heat sources between 70 – 150°C and heat sources above 150°C with the addition of a heat exchanger.

ElectraTherm’s offerings are modular, scalable, and robust so that you can use them however, whenever, and wherever you need to.

Why We Do It

Energy. Clean, efficient energy.

Did you know that more than half of all energy applied in power generation and industrial processes is lost as heat, commonly referred to as waste heat?

During a time when the global demand for energy is exploding, this is not only an immense waste of resources but also a major contributor to global warming.

We strive to show the world that taking advantage of this wasted and abundant resource is not only profitable, but practical. Allowing your company to benefit from a more circular economy while achieving sustainability goals.

What We Do

We turn heat into power. It’s that simple. As long as it comes to us as hot water we can generate clean electricity, boosting efficiency by reducing energy consumption and emissions.

Have a higher temperature heat source such as exhaust gas or thermal oil? With an additional heat exchange loop we can convert that into clean electricity too.

How We Do It

We utilize the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) to convert sources of low temperature and waste heat into usable, profitable power. While the traditional Rankine Cycle (RC) converts sources of high temperature waste heat  – such as large power plants – into power, our technology focuses on low temperature heat – allowing businesses of all sizes to take advantage of this innovative technology aimed at boosting efficiency, improving your bottom line and the environment.

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